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 Karen King Bio 


Karen King is a member of Canada's Who's Who, an author, speaker, trainer, consultant and coach, and in Who's Who in Black Canada.  A graduate of the Canadian Film Centre, with a B.A. from Simon Fraser University and a SEEC/CODI Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development, Karen King has  spent years developing the strategies and processes that she shares in the training and networking events presented under the Productions Without Borders banner. Having worked on productions where the notion of begin inclusive off screen was met with resistance and hostility, King has developed a system that allows everyone to understand what is in it for them and levels the playing field. Karen considered herself lucky enough to have had some of the best media jobs on the planet,  and been part of some of the most successful diversity  initiatives in Canada’s film and television industry.  Her commitment and experience has always been to create mainstream content that engages and enthralls the targeted audiences of people of colour, differently abled people, Aboriginal people and people with a range of gender identities including women. Today, those targeted groups are an important part of our mainstream audience totalling 35-50% of our populations.  

When her career began she was successfully producing award winning commercials  then attended the Canadian Film Center’s Fall Lab which was targeted at writers, directors and producers of colour. A few years later she was hired at the National Film Board of Canada to be a producer on their Special Mandate Team for Cultural Diversity where she developed a number of strategies to get directors people of colour making their films with the organization.  King then moved into broadcasting as the Executive Director at Toronto 1 where I was able to draft the progressive policy for the independent production funds that levelled the playing field for all producers.  From there she moved to one of the country's largest private national networks where she was part of the best drama team in the country. She was the Executive In Charge of Production on Da Kink in My Hair, Combat Hospital, Blackstone, The Guard, XIII, ReGenesis, renegade, The Aboriginal Achievement Awards, The Jane Show, Howie Do It,  

Amidst all the successes which proved that today's complex audience could be engaged on a much deeper level, there have been many mistakes and roadblocks along the way and she learned from them all. Her goal is to pass on the effective strategies, so others don’t have to waste time stumbling around in the dark.