Helping You Create Content for Today's Changing Market

The Productions Without Borders is a practical & creative process developed in the trenches of the film and television industry. Helping you enhance your content to engage today's mainstream for increased ratings and an enhanced bottom line.  

Diversity with Inclusion can be a minefield, so I want to help you navigate through it. 

It can be easy if you do it right. 

Are you creating Content for Today's

21st century Diverse Mainstream or the

20th Century white mainstream?  

If you can't see the difference, it's time to... 

Accept Reality & Adapt


Productions Without Borders provides the tools you need to be more competitive in a global economy. We can help you enhance your story telling in every department. You can be the writer, director, pretty department, PM, A.D., Art Director, DOP, casting director, publicist or the distributor and benefit from these strategies and an easy to use checklist, that will help you maximize every opportunity to be more inclusive.  


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